Your online reputation and personal brand is made up of what people can find about you when they tap your name into a search. Not only is it integral to have social media profiles at places like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Your brand will also be reflected in any blog posts you have written, forum entries and comments online.

You don’t have to be squeaky clean – it’s as important to be interesting and relevant – but an awful lot of damage can be done in a very brief period of time by behaving in an inappropriate manner. Before you know what’s happened, your reputation is in tatters and the fallout is irrecoverable.

This infographic from digital marketing agency KBSD looks at how you can manage your personal e-reputation.


  • 48% of recruiters and HR professionals refer to personal websites when deciding whether to hire YOU
  • 63% of recruiters check social media sites to find out more about potential employees
  • 8% of companies have fired someone for abusing social media

Further reading at How Recruiters Use Social Media to Screen Applicants Infographic.  

how you can manage your online reputation

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