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How to Survive an Office Romance

When you’re spending nearly every single day alongside your colleagues, it’s no surprise that sometimes sparks fly and office romances happen. In fact, many people meet the person they marry in the workplace!

Though there are a lot of success stories, an office romance also has potential to turn things a bit pear shape in the workplace if they don’t work out, so it is important to tread carefully when getting involved with a colleague!

If you’ve got your eyes set on one of your co-workers, here are a few things that you should consider to save any office dramas!

The 10 rules of office romances:

1) Don’t date your boss

It can create fall out with your colleagues and could damage your career progression in the long run.

2) Be prepared for the worst

Not every relationship works out, so you should be prepared for how you will handle things if you do break up.

3) Take it slow

Don’t be afraid to take things slowly until you are certain it is what you want.

4) Be discreet

If you make your relationship too public, you are opening yourself up to becoming the topic of rumours and gossip. Keep the romance for private time, not the office.

5) Treat everybody equally

Don’t let your personal feelings cloud your judgement, by giving them preferential treatment or you could put yourself at risk of getting complaints or even law suits.

6) Don’t use office email to chat

Lots of companies track their employees emails, so don’t send anything you wouldn’t want your boss to see!

7) Keep arguments away from work

Be professional and don’t let arguments about personal issues get in the way of work, as they can be incredibly disruptive for not only you, but also others in the workplace.

8) No sex in the workplace

It may sound like fun, but you are putting your job at risk by doing so! So is it really worth the thrill?

9) The office party is not the place for announcements

When alcohol is flowing and spirits are high you may think that the office party is the right place to announce your relationship, however it’s better kept for another time.

10) Enjoy it

Don’t feel guilty about it, enjoy it!

Famous couples who met at work:

Barack and Michelle Obama: They met when Barack was a summer intern at a law firm and Michelle was advised as his advisor.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: They met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, controversially while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

Beyonce & Jay-Z: The pair met when they recorded the track ’03 Bonnie and Clyde’ together for Jay-Z’s 7th album.

Jim & Pam (the Office): Although they are fictional, they demonstrate how difficult an office romance can be!

How common are office romances?

  • 30% of people have got together with someone at an office party, however 50% of the time it was only a one off encounter.
  • 1 in 20 of the couples who got together at an office party resulted in marriage!
  • 40% of people who have broken up with a colleague said it was awkward at work afterwards.
  • 15% of people had to quit or were fired from their job as a result of an office romance.


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