5 Ways to Secure Your Next Pay Rise

Asking for a pay rise can be a pretty awkward and nerve-wracking experience. But if you’ve been working hard in the same position for a while, it may be time for your boss to increase your wage as your experience and knowledge would have grown.

So what are the ways you can ensure you get a pay rise? These are 5 top tips for securing your next pay rise:

1) Ask at a relevant time:

Make sure you ask for a pay rise at a suitable time. Don’t ask for it when everyone’s in the office, instead wait for a time when you’re alone with your boss – or even better – in a monthly/quarterly review session, where you can talk honestly and openly about your salary.

2) Go for a figure higher than you think you’ll get:

If your boss is a receptive manager, they’ll always work with you and come to an agreement with your salary, usually a mid point. So aim high with your salary, you never know how much you may lose by aiming low!

3) Be clear, concise and don’t beat around the bush:

Talking about money can often be a touchy subject, but don’t beat around the bush when it comes to conversing about it. There’s nothing worse than someone skirting around the topic. Just get to the point and your boss will appreciate it.

4) Be open minded:

Remember work should not be all about pay. Instead remember the perks you get, the job you’re doing and the colleagues you’ve met. If all you’re looking for is money then you’re probably in the wrong job! Think about the true reason you want a pay rise.

5) Know your worth:

Confidence is key when it comes to salary negotiations. If you believe in yourself it will come across in conversations, and put you at a higher chance of getting a pay rise. And if you don’t think you’re getting what you deserve, it may be time to look elsewhere!

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