The Best and Worst Secret Santa Gifts in the Workplace

Christmas is upon us and many workplaces are embracing the festive spirit with holiday celebrations and parties! One of the many Christmas traditions that a lot of companies have adopted to bring the team together, is “Secret Santa.”

The idea is that each member of the team’s name is put in a hat and then everyone draws a name, for whom they have the buy a Christmas gift. The twist is that the whole thing has to be kept a secret, so when presents are distributed nobody knows who bought them it!

This can be a wonderful thing, or ever so slightly frustrating. On the one hand, if you’re pretty stumped about what to get your colleague, you can get away with buying them something pretty naff because they’ll never know it was you (as long as you keep it zipped!), however in the case that your person loves their gift, you are given no credit! Either way, it’s inevitable that at least one person in the office will receive something obscure or downright bizarre!

Here are a few of some of the silliest:

1) The domesticated

Either she actually enjoys taking the bins out, or somebody’s trying to give her a hint…

2) The deceiving

“Yes! My very own mini arcade game! Oh wait….it’s gum.”


3) The disturbing

Sorry, what?

4) The practical

Just what you always wanted!


5) The badass

Instant upgrade to the coolest desk in the office!

6) The blatant hint

I think they may be telling him something about his anger.


7) The gadget

What’s the point of owning a pen that merely writes?

8) The multi-tasker

They’ll never be late to work again!

9) The bizarre

Want to make someone feel really uncomfortable at work? Here’s how!


10) The Directioner

I do hope they’re a fan…

[Top Image Credit: Shutterstock]

By Sophie Deering