What Does Santa’s Resume Look Like?


Merry Christmas from Undercover Recruiter! We hope you’re having a fantastic day if you’re celebrating (and don’t forget to check out our #URTop15!).

Ever wondered what Santa’s resume would look like? Check out the infographic below by Kick Resume to find out about some of Santa’s impressive skills!


  • Chief Happiness Officer – North Pole Toys Inc. (April 288 – present)
  • Junior Happiness Officer -North Pole Toys Inc. (May 285 – April 288)
  • Toy Executive Officer – North Pole Toys Inc. (Nov 280 – March 283)

North Pole Toys Inc. have employee retention nailed!


  • University of the North Pole – Master of Children Happiness
  • Aviation Academy of Iceland – Nine-Reindeer Flying Sleigh Pilot


  • Sleigh driving
  • Chimney climbing
  • Snowman building
  • MS Excel list updating

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Santa Claus resume

[Top Image Credit: Shutterstock]