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Give us an Example of a Recruiter Which Uses Social Media Well?

With all things in life, some people do some things better than others. But there are those who are head and shoulders above the rest of us. The same goes for using social media for recruitment.

Our panel shares their insights on which company they think is doing better than anyone else. You might not agree or have your own preference, do let us know.

Ariel Jolo

While she’s not a recruiter per se (she’s the head of recruiting working for one of the biggest banks in the world), Julia Cacciapuoti does an excellent job at keeping her network up to date with news and programs she runs. I’ve seen how quickly a well-written post by her can have a lot of reach and engagement just by being honest and relevant.

Ariel Jolo,  Global Employer Brand Manager, at Medallia.

Adrian Cernat

L’oreal Team – it has a Facebook page with more than 2.3 million followers and Instagram pages split between countries, with dedicated content for their talent pool.


Adrian Daniel Cernat, CEO & co-founder SmartDreamers

Sarang Brahme

Dan Doherty is a great social media recruiter in Capgemini UK who uses his social presence to talk about relevant content, the Capgemini brand, events which lead to building excitement for candidates leading to job applications. He is active on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram mostly as well as engaging with graduate talent groups.

Sarang Brahme, Global Social Recruiting & Talent Brand Manager, Capgemini.

Carmen Collins

I’ll give two thumbs up to one of our own Cisco recruiters, Frances Bettis (@francesbettis_recruiter on Instagram). Her account is her, unfiltered, which makes candidates want to connect with her.


Carmen Collins, Social Media & Talent Brand Lead, Cisco.

Cameron Brain

All of us here at EveryoneSocial have been very impressed with Shaunda Zilich and her team at Qualtrics. Not only are they doing a great job leveraging social for recruiting, their company as a whole clearly has social in their dna.  Specifically their focus on employee experience–everything from what goes on in the office to highlighting vacations and other external experiences had by their people–is super engaging and alluring.

Cameron Brain, CEO & Co-Founder,

Mark Cavanagh

Our very own Holly Olugosi – internal talent, training partner and recruiter by trade – Holly’s role is to attract, develop and retain top recruiter talent across The ONE Group. As a recruiter, Holly understands the nuances of recruitment and the challenges faced by her colleagues – choosing to use this insight to her advantage. By addressing the pitfalls of a career in recruitment Holly is able to engage her audience with creative discussion, consistently providing value over and above just posting our latest vacancies

Mark Cavanagh, Marketing Manager at The One Group.

Victoria Sorensen

I have always liked Steve Ward, Andy Headworth and Greg Savage as good examples to follow for recruiters.




Victoria Sorenson , Senior Talent Advisor, Oracle.

Othamar Gama Filho

Well it’s not a recruiter but rather a recruiting leader who I believe uses social media very well to hire and to help other companies hire  and that person is Lou Adler .



Othamar Gama Filho, CEO at Talentify.

Stephanie Scher

Because our Talent Brand and Recruitment Marketing Team supports and trains our recruiters (and other Vanguard crew!) on social media, we have many employees who use social media well. Roy Cooper and Danielle McCormick are two great examples. Their secret? They don’t just post jobs; they post regularly and share a balanced mix of content including job postings, our careers blog, Vanguard thought leadership, and events and activities. They also prioritize watching their news feeds and regularly engage with (like, comment, share) the content that appears in their feeds.

Stephanie Scher, Talent Brand|Social Media, Vanguard.

Eva Baluchova

I cannot name only one recruiter. I would recommend having a look at influencers like Hung Lee, Jan Tegze, Guillaume Alexandre, Matej Matolin, Hannah Fleishman, Katrina Collier. My colleague Reggie Ebbe gave me a great tip to have a look at the Ellen van Dieren from Amsterdam. And it was love at first sight! Her Instagram stories are brilliant. It’s engaging, entertaining and informative – she brings energy and triggers curiosity to know more.

Eva Baluchova, Talent Lead, Levelup Ventures.

By Ushma Mistry

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