Talent Acquisition

Why Life Skills Are Also Needed

I have often written about the skills, attributes, and experience that a recruiter should ideally possess to be successful however I wanted to take the opportunity to recommend the other aspects of
your life you should also focus on if you want to ensure you achieve all of your potentials.

Yes, it is great to get a good degree, to be the top achiever in the business, however, what life skills do you lack or should have been developed in during your formative days? As a parent and business owner, I believe these areas are often overlooked and yet ironically, these personal abilities can often make you stand out amongst other applicants and employees.

These tips are not intended to berate the education system in whatever country you are reading this in although I do with that the educators would consider this list as important as English, maths, and science. I can remember at school the brightest girl, all A grades in every subject, best swimmer, tennis player, etc. However, she didn’t know how to use her bank card to withdraw cash, something I have always remembered.

Money management:

The first one on the list and probably the most important one; how do you manage your money now? Do you budget each month or throw yourself through the month to each payday to find yourself short each month. starting habits early on by saving 10-15% of your salary and if you get bonus/commission in your job, save (up to) 50% of it in a higher interest account. You will thank me one day.

It is a habit that will ensure you will have a deposit for a house and ensure when you look back you will have something tangible to show for your efforts and hard work.


I realize that learning to drive is an expensive process and one which may seem a privilege to many: however I can’t emphasize enough how frustrating it is to interview someone and to think of
their perfect company only to find they don’t drive so can’t get there (and public transport isn’t viable). Invest in this when you are of the correct age to apply for a provisional license and I promise you will be grateful to opportunities as they present themselves to you.


Yes, this is a business blog but I think being able to look after yourself by preparing healthy meals is essential for your whole well being. I know that basic food technology is taught at secondary
school however with youtube videos and cookery books aplenty, teach yourself a genre of food you enjoy- there is no right or wrong as long as it is fresh, satisfying and healthy.


Having a hobby is an essential switch off from life and stress; whatever your interests are- reading, running, swimming, fishing, I am a huge believer that you should make time DAILY to be alone and take stock of your day. This allows for reflection, self-learning, a chance to de-stress and hopefully also learn a new skill too. Always helpful for the CV section of ‘hobbies’ too.


Most people reading this will have a fairly good understanding of technology with apps and social media at their fingertips. But keep up-skilling yourself too on the latest apps and software to help
you do your job and run your life more efficiently.


The key to any successful relationship, whether that is work, personal or love, is communication. Listening, having empathy, keeping calm and thinking through a response are things you learn as
you get older. If I could have read one book as a newbie in work it is CHIMP PARADOX by Dr. Steve Peters and I would recommend you do too so you can be aware of how you control your elementary personality.

Above all else, find your own path to contentment and joy EVERY day in the small tasks you do and be true to yourself. Don’t follow someone else’s dreams.

By Lysha Holmes

Lysha Holmes is founding director of Qui Recruitment established in 2005 to completely challenge the traditionally poorly perceived service offered by other Rec 2 Rec providers. Lysha as Qui Recruitment is dedicated to representing the best talent to the best suited roles, focussing on placing recruiters of all levels in a candidate led service across the NW.