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How to Reach Your Company Goals With Help From Your Employees

Success doesn’t happen by itself. It takes hard work and commitment to reach your company goals and your employees play a huge role in your journey towards achieving the best results.

The most successful of businesses have an driven and engaged team who know how to communicate and cooperate with each other in order to reach their common objectives. In order to build a strong workforce, employers must keep this in mind when making decisions, as well as building a culture of support and appreciation for existing staff.

So how can businesses go about meeting their goals with help from their employees? Clear Company have created this infographic with everything you need to know to hit your targets.

What should you do before hiring?

  • Don’t wait until you have hired your new employee to discuss performance expectations.
  • Evaluate a candidate’s ability to meet goals in the interview stage.
  • 69% of candidates want an accurate job description when applying for a job and 33% of employers provide candidates with a profile of what a successful employee looks like.
  • 94% of job seekers would like feedback during the process.

7 ways to help your employees meet goals:

1) Make your expectations known:

  • Clearly communicate your expectations of your employees and how they can personally contribute to meeting goals. Don’t just set a goal and leave them to it – explain how they can achieve it.
  • 57% of employees say that their bosses don’t give them clear directions, whereas only 13% say their managers help them achieve goals.

2) Set achievable goals:

  • Don’t overwhelm employees with one large long-term goal and rather set smaller incremental goals. 
  • 69% of employees whose managers help them set goals are engaged at work.

3) Provide training:

  • Help employees to develop their skills with further training. 
  • 54% would like more job-specific training.
  • Create mentorship, so employees can learn from each other.

4) Foster collaboration:

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between employees in different departments.
  • 88% of employees who work at a company who encourages collaboration also think that morale and job satisfaction are high in the workplace.

5) Provide feedback:

  • Don’t wait until the end of a project to offer feedback, offer it to employees throughout the process.
  • 64% of companies said that improving managers’ ability to provide in-the-moment feedback is critical.

6) Evaluate success:

  • Conduct reviews and acknowledge individual achievements and hard work from employees, rather than the company as a whole.
  • 23% if employees are satisfied with their companies dedication to their personal development.

7) Recognise achievements:

  • Reward both the team and individuals when they achieve goals, as 91% of employees who feel valued by their superiors feel more motivated to work their hardest.
  • 32% of employees changed jobs because they did not feel appreciated in their current role.


[Image Credit: Shutterstock]