7 Things You Should NEVER Do in an Interview

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So you’ve landed an interview for your dream job and want to do everything possible to ensure you’re the chosen one.

The interview is your chance to make a good impression and convince the company you’re the right person for the job.  But it’s surprising how many candidates ruin their chances with simple slip-ups.

So if you want to ace that interview, here are the 7 things you definitely shouldn’t do:

1) Turn up late

You’d be amazed how many candidates burst through the door hot, flustered and LATE.  It definitely won’t get you off to a good start – and if interviews are scheduled back to back, you may even miss your chance altogether.  Make sure you set that alarm and that you know where you are going and how to get there.

2) Dress Inappropriately

Knowing what to wear can be a tough call.  You don’t want to turn up suited and booted if the company is casual and everyone’s in jeans – or indeed vice versa.  Try and find out what the dress code is, and if in doubt, opt for smart and professional – you are on show after all.

3) Fail to prepare

Recruiters will want to see you’ve done your homework.  There are extra brownie points to be had if you can show you’ve taken the trouble to find out exactly what the business does and where it’s headed.  So scour the company’s website to get up-to-speed, gen up on the industry they operate in and Google them to see if they’ve been in the news.

4) Lie

We all like to big ourselves up in interviews, but make sure you don’t stray too far from the truth.  If you claim to be an IT whizz you’ll soon be found out when you’re asked a technical question or have to prove your skills in a test.  Be honest about your background and abilities and be ready with real examples of how you’ve used your knowledge and expertise in the past.

5) Bad-mouth your previous employer

You may well hate your boss and feel your current company treats staff like dirt, but an interview is definitely not the time to share that information.  Running a previous employer down is unprofessional and the interviewer will be worried you might do the same to them too one day.  Keep it cool and be ready with a more positive answer as to why you want to move on.

6) Let your body language trip you up

OK so you’re not that enthusiastic about the job on offer and frankly the interviewer is asking you some pretty stupid questions – but whatever you do, don’t let your body language give you away.  Don’t slouch, fidget, bite your nails, fiddle with your phone or look longingly out of the window.  Stay alert, smile and maintain eye contact so that you come across as interested and professional.

7) Be rude to the receptionist

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the receptionist or security guard you meet when you turn up for an interview is unimportant.  If you’re rude or surly to them it may well get fed back.  Some companies make a practice of asking their front-line staff what impression candidates have made on them.  Always be polite and friendly and treat people with respect or it may come back to bite you!

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