How to Foster a Productive Mobile Workforce

The development of smartphones and tablets has meant that professionals are becoming more and more mobile. It’s no longer entirely necessary for employees to be in the office all the time, as the technology available to them means that they can remain connected with their team at all times and work from just about anywhere.

However, if your company isn’t providing the necessary tools or support, it’s possible that you could be holding your staff back.

Jive Chime have given their 6 tips for growing your mobile workforce and embracing new technology to benefit your business.

1) Know your employees

  • Employees want to be ahead of the market and use the latest solutions.
  • Millennials recently surpassed Generation X as the largest share of the US workforce and are a particularly tech-savvy generation of workers.

2) Provide flexibility and support

  • 75% of millennials want schedules without derailing career goals.
  • 79% of employees feel that if it were not possible for them to work remotely in a role, they would explore other opportunities.

3) Create policies and communication solutions

  • Maintaining communication with offline employees is essential for mobile workforce success.
  • 83% of companies don’t have digital solutions for communicating with employees when offline.

4) Identify which jobs will work remotely

  • Different roles have different requirements, so employers must identify which roles are suited to being fully or partially remote, versus those that are better suited to being carried out in-house.
  • 40% of workers are able to carry out at least half of their work via a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

5) Understand the importance of mobile solutions

  • Remote work almost always requires mobile devices, to maintain contact with the rest of the team.
  • 75% of companies allow (or plan to allow) BYOD devices.
  • 62% of employers use tools that enable flexibility, such as messaging programs, internal networks, etc.

6) Seek new ways to collaborate

  • 60% of employees use mobile messaging apps while at work.
  • There is a 15% increase in productivity when companies use social collaboration tools.