How to Feel Passionate About What You Do

When was the last time you finished a big project, aced an important presentation or did something that you were really proud of? Can you remember the intense happiness, focus and drive that you felt afterward? This is the passion that you should embrace every day at work -let the seemingly unimportant daily victories fill you with passion and excitement for your role. So if you’re reading this and want to know how to inject some excitement and happiness into your daily life, read on!

1. Embrace learning opportunities:

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work, it can often be because you’re not feeling mentally stimulated by the work you’re doing. If you recognise this happening, make a conscious effort to look out for learning opportunities. This could be many things – heading up  big project for the first time, offering to mentor a new employee or simply attending a conference or talk on the industry you’re in. You should never stop learning, no matter how old or experienced you think you may be.

2. Take time off:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Make sure you take off time from work to enjoy other things, even if you really do enjoy what you do. Having time away from your day job means that the time you do spend at work will be more productive and creative as you’ll have time to sleep on ideas.

3. Go for a coffee with someone who inspires you:

Something that i find inspires me is taking the time to reach out to people I admire. Even a simple email conversation can spark that passion that sometimes gets lost. So don’t be afraid to reach out to those who influence and inspire you as it could bring that passion back.

4. Reconnect with your original goals:

If you’re feeling like your job is becoming less fun and more of a chore, then you should take a look back at why you decided to do what you do. What’s the bigger picture? Why did you originally decide to make a career in your industry? If you take a step back and remember the fundamental reasons that you do what you do, you’ll remember your passion.

5. Leave personal problems at home:

It can be hard to leave your personal problems at home when it comes to work, but it’s so important that you don’t let them effect your attitude towards it. If you think that it’s beginning to effect you at work it’s worth having a conversation with your boss or manager and working through different ways to work through it.

What’s your number one tip for staying passionate about work? Let us know in the comments below!

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By Ruby Lowe

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