The 4 Myths About Job Hunting

Hot out of the recording studio, the Give A Grad A Go podcasts are aimed at helping you land the graduate job you really want. Over the coming weeks we’ll reveal tips on everything from CV writing and interview tips, to making the most of Facebook and LinkedIn.

In this first episode we bust ‘4 myths about job hunting’; taking a closer look at the common thoughts many graduates have when it comes to job hunting – and how to overcome them.

Myth 1: You have to know exactly what you want to do before you start applying for jobs

If you’re one of those who left university with no idea what you wanted to do, don’t panic – you’re not alone! Unless your degree has set you up to enter a specialist industry, you’re not expected to know exactly what you want to do.

So, where should you start? Begin by thinking about where your strengths lay and from there the types of jobs that you’d be best suited to. For example, do you like working in a team or on your own? Do you want to be behind the scenes or out in the thick of it interacting with people?
Think about what you enjoyed about your degree and any previous work experience you have, then make a short list of what you liked, along with your key strengths. Once all this is in front of you, you can then start to translate your strengths and likes into a job that’s tailored to you.

Myth 2: You have to find your perfect job now

Most people would like this to happen, but it almost never does! Not to mention, if you don’t yet know what exactly you want to do, how can you go out and get it?

That’s why we say, start with baby steps – setting short and then longer term goals. Short term goals are thinking about what you want and need now e.g. earning enough to move out of home, living close to where you’d like to work so you don’t break the bank commuting. Long term goals are about thinking 5-10 years’ down the line – what sector do you want to be established in and what level do you want to be in your career?

So while your first job might not be the ideal dream, if it’s a good balance of your short and long-term goals, you’ll find it’ll be the best start to landing your perfect job.

Myth 3: You have to have experience in the sector you’re applying for

When it comes to job hunting, it’s helpful to know that generally employers want people who can prove they want the job and have the skills to do it – but this doesn’t have to be through relevant experience. Did you complete a heavily data focussed dissertation? Then apply for analyst or research roles. You’ve already been training for 3 years for your moment to shine – get out there and start applying!

Myth 4: You know you’re never going to get a job, because you keep applying and you keep getting turned down

It’s tough out there! So our biggest takeaway tip is to treat getting a job like a job in itself. Create a structure and set goals to your week – it’ll help you manage your time more effectively.

It’s also important to remember that getting a job takes time, so make sure you learn from every application you make. Ask where your application fell short and how you could improve next time. With feedback and practise you’ll soon find you’ll be able to craft a killer application.

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