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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page for SEO

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for many recruiters. Not only is it the perfect network to source and connect with talent, but it’s also a really useful platform for marketing your brand and expanding your reach, no matter what industry.

Setting up a LinkedIn page for your company is definitely worthwhile if you’re looking to enhance your company’s presence online. Along with building exposure for your business, it also allows you to engage your followers by sharing company updates and relevant content, which is essential for building a rapport with your target audience and expressing who you are as a brand.

To get the most out of your company’s presence on LinkedIn, it’s important that your page can be found and to achieve this you must ensure that you have optimised it for SEO. Here are 3 tips you should follow to boost your page’s search ranking both on and off of LinkedIn, courtesy of LinkedIn themselves.

1. Include relevant keywords

Your company page can be found by LinkedIn users searching by name and also for keywords, so it’s important that you fill in all of your company information and include plenty of strong keywords in your company description that will attract and boost discovery by your target audience. Google search previews will display up to 156 characters of your company page in search results, so make sure you kick your description off with all of the most important information, that clearly communicates who you are and what you do.

Make sure your description and company image is consistent with your other social media pages so that you can maintain a consistent brand for your business.

2. Place a link to your company page on your website

The more times the link to your LinkedIn company page is shared, the higher it will rank in searches. The best way to give your company page a boost is to encourage employees to keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date, as by listing their experience within the company a link back to your page will be added to their profile. You may also wish to share a link to your LinkedIn page on your company website, blog or other social media platforms.

3. Share relevant content

Sharing relevant content with your LinkedIn network on a regular basis is a great way of building an online presence and engaging your followers. This is the ideal place for you to share any of your own blog posts or creations. Alternatively, you can share other interesting content from external sources that you feel would be of interest to your audience.

For the best results, you want to update your page as frequently as possible so that you retain your followers interest. By encouraging interaction on your updates, the reach of your posts will expand with each ‘like’ or comment you receive.

These are not the only benefits of sharing content however, as it can also help to boost your ranking in search results. Each time you share content, it will be added to your public page, allowing Google to index it and the higher the engagement level you receive, the higher your search ranking.