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15 LinkedIn Status Updates to Get You Noticed

You have a LinkedIn profile, but no one is contacting you. What do you need to do to draw attention to your profile?

The secret is in sharing status updates that appeal to your network and potential employers. LinkedIn reported that job seekers who updated their status weekly were 10 times more likely to be contacted by recruiters.

First Focus on Your Profile:

Is your LinkedIn profile top notch? You better makes sure it’s ready when people check it out.

What Can You Do to Increase Job Leads?

There are two reasons you want to do more on LinkedIn. First you want to be remembered by contacts in your network and second, you want to stand out and get noticed by people who may be looking for someone just like you.

One of the best ways to stay top-of-mind and build a memorable reputation is by sharing on-brand news, stories and events. On-brand for a job seeker is NOT sharing job search tips or making desperate pleas for help. You want to share content related to your next desired occupation.

Your mission is to consistently add valuable content to your LinkedIn status updates. When people in your network see what you share, they are likely to see you as a go-to resource. People often don’t know what to share so to make it easier for you, here are the types of status updates you can share on a weekly basis.

15 Types of Status Updates to Engage Your Network:

1. Share Industry Insights

60% of LinkedIn members are interested in industry insights according to LinkedIn’s marketing strategy guide “LinkedIn Best Practices Targeted Status Updates.” This guide is written to help businesses promote themselves on LinkedIn, but because you are targeting the same readers, this advice works for you too.

Whenever and whatever you share, keep in mind: “informative, useful updates receive the highest engagement rates” according to LinkedIn’s research.

2. Share News About Target Companies

LinkedIn research found that 53% of users were interested in company news. People want to know what the competition is up to and usually monitor mentions about their own company. You can take advantage of this by following companies you are interested in working for.  By doing this, you will be able to see the news they share through their LinkedIn company status updates. When they share news about new lines of business, new contracts or new services, you can share the update with your network.

3. Job-Related Tips/Hacks

43% of LinkedIn users are interested in new products and services. Help keep your network up-to-date on new technology in your field by sharing the latest trends in technology. You could also look for useful articles which provide solutions to common problems for people in your profession. Posts about time management, professional development, success stories or new trends. You can find these tips by reading LinkedIn’s Pulse or Influencers articles or reading industry publications and newsletters.

4. Ask Questions

Engage your network by asking for advice or opinions on certifications, new technology or recommendations for professional associations, clubs or organizations. You can even share an article and ask your network for their opinions on a topic mentioned within the article.

5. Share Quotes

Motivational quotes are uplifting and stir positive emotions. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional network and ensure the quotes you share are work-appropriate.

6. Share Images

Posting status updates with images increases comments by 98% according to QuickSprout. You could share a photo taken at a professional event, a screen shot of work you recently completed, or if humor is more your style, a funny meme or cartoon once in a while lightens the tone and may help people understand you better.

7. Share Infographics

Technically, an infographic is an image. The difference is that an infographic serves two purposes: it’s a useful resource designed to simplify complex information and it’s visually appealing. Infographics are helpful eye-candy and making it easier to understand.

8. Share Videos

Who doesn’t love a great video? Share a TedX Talk or short video you’ve created and watch your network share it! Including a link to a YouTube video translates into a 75% higher share rate, according to QuickSprout.

9. Contribute to a Group

When you add a discussion to a group or comment on an existing group discussion  it shows in your activity feed and your network will see it. This is another way to demonstrate you are active in your profession. Not only is adding to a group discussion a great way to network within the group, it also showcases your areas of interest and expertise.

10. Promote Upcoming Events

Are you planning on attending a conference or workshop? Share a link and description of the event with your network. You can also ask who is going to the event. Meeting up with people can make the event more enjoyable and improve your network.

11. Share Status Updates from Your Network

From your home page on LinkedIn, scroll down through the updates. Look for share-worthy articles. Tag the person who shared the post by using their name in your status update. This gives them credit for finding the article AND is a nice ping of recognition.

12. Like an Update

A quick and easy way to add to activities to your feed is by simply liking an update. Don’t get carried away. Be purposeful in the updates you choose to like. Is your goal to keep in touch with someone? Like an update they’ve shared. Is your mission to get on the radar of a company you would like to work for? Then like one of their updates.

13. Comment on an Update

Adding a comment to someone’s status update or group discussion shows up in your network’s news feed. Make sure your comment is clear, professional and not hostile or argumentative.

14. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Do you know someone worthy of a compliment? You can mention a work milestone, recent accomplishment, or congratulate them for outstanding work. When you tag someone on LinkedIn, they receive notification.

15. Indulge in Self-Promotion

If you’ve been doing all these other things, you’ve earned the right to plug yourself.  Upload a slidedeck with testimonials or recent project into your profile and share it with your network. Or show off your new infographic resume or personal website.

What Else Shows Up in Your Activity Feed?

There are other LinkedIn activities that your network can see such as connecting with LinkedIn members, following Influencer, Channel or Publisher and more. LinkedIn provides a full listing of actions that show up in your feed and how to turn some on and off.

By Hannah Morgan

Hannah Morgan provides no-nonsense help for new job seekers. She provides advice and serves as a guide to traverse the treacherous terrain of today's economy by focusing on pro-active strategies for job search and leveraging social networks. Career Sherpa is one of many outlets where Hannah shares her information. Follow Hannah on Twitter @careersherpa!