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NEWSFLASH: A LinkedIn Company Page is STILL More Important Than a Website

I’ve blogged a bit about this recently – perhaps I was slightly psychic with my blog last year Why your company page is more important than your website (2.5k shares and counting)!

However, I didn’t know that LinkedIn were going to…

…hide your website within your Contact Info button!

They clearly are trying to keep users on their system – and fair enough! (I think we often forget that it’s a business that needs to make money. Social media often feels free and easy – it’s not!)

If you’re interested, I followed up with a “Why your LinkedIn Company Page is STILL more important than your website” blog – this series is turning into a Game of Thrones-like series (but without the funny business, men in skirts and blue eyed monsters…although, there’s still time!)

Will people really visit your website?

Your website is at the bottom of your company page on LinkedIn and hidden within your contact info on your profile page. And even if I care enough to hunt it down, have you made an effort and created a gorgeous call to action to encourage me to go to your website, or are you missing out with a “Company Website” button?

Do you even know how many hits your website gets from LinkedIn? Have you noticed a drop in these numbers since Xmas? Have you checked your LinkedIn Company page followers and the Insights page of my LinkedIn company page to see what’s going on? Did you know you can see this data?

Your company is now a pretty logo on your super-duper new profile and there are 2-3 places where I can click on to it (which are right in my face – as opposed to your web link).

Hence, now more than ever your company page is more important that your website!

If you’re not persuaded:

If how I have described the changes are not enough, here’s some stats which are pretty compelling:

  • Nearly 3 Million company pages on LinkedIn (phew!)
  • 61% of LinkedIn members are likely to share information they see in a company update (they find it pretty difficult to share silence, so speak up!)
  • 79% of followers are interested in a company’s job updates (now I never thought I’d be blogging that stat!)
  • 49% of followers are likely to “buy” from you if you engage with them (they’ll send you their CVs, and give you their vacancies)
  • 65% of followers expect you to interact with them (interact, not bleat!)
  • 88% of LinkedIn members follow companies (that’s a lot!)
  • The average LinkedIn member only follows 6 companies on LinkedIn (why are you so special?)

Have a plan:

What’s your plan? Do you have one? I bet your website is a priority in your business – you have a budget for it, it gets regular new content (Jedi-mind trick -> doesn’t it!?). But what are you doing with your LinkedIn company page?

How are you capitalising on these changes? Are you even aware of who your company followers are? (It’s likely they either want to work for you, are competitors, clients or just intrigued people). Where else do you get to see who is following your company? NOWHERE!

(Note to Recruiters, don’t forget to look at others’ pages for candidate/client/lead gen opportunities.)

In any event, I strongly urge you to grab this area of LinkedIn and give it a jolly good “seeing to”! (Now that’s getting more in the Game of Thrones theme!)

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By Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a Director at Barclay Jones, a Consultancy working with recruiters advising them on the most effective use of technology, web and social media to improve their business processes, recruitment and bottom line. Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaMariJones.