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Why Your LinkedIn Company Page is STILL More Important than Your Website

Do you need to source candidates?  Do you need to study your competition? Do you want to keep a very close eye on what your clients are doing / their recruitment opportunities / their starters and leavers?  Well, read on…

Last year, the lovely Undercover Recruiter (thanks Lisa!) published a blog for me entitled “Why Your Company LinkedIn Page is More Important than Your Website”.  Dare I suggest it was a hit?  It came 4th overall for the most popular blog published last year (1,500 LinkedIn shares – wow!). So how could I possibly follow that up?

How about documenting how your clients’ (and competitors’) LinkedIn company pages are more informative than their websites and thus they can help you source candidates and generate leads?

Here’s some things to consider:

  1. Websites are propaganda spun by marketers – LinkedIn is “real” (thoughts?).
  2. LinkedIn Company Pages have lists of who works there, whereas not all websites have this.
  3. LinkedIn Company Pages have real recommendations left by clients and candidates – is the website so up to date?
  4. LinkedIn Company Pages are more up to date in general – when was the last time their website was updated?
  5. Are their jobs advertised on their website? Maybe. They are likely though to be adding these to their status updates, or Careers pages.
  6. When you look at a company website, you are unlikely to see the most recommended member of staff!
  7. Can you tell on a company website who the contact point (candidate) is when you are reviewing their products? No! You can on LinkedIn company pages.
  8. Do company websites tell you who their competitors are? Hell no!
  9. Can you see who is actively following a website…? No.
  10. On the company website, can you see where employees that work in that business have worked before, or where they are likely to end up? No

See where I am going?

When was the last time you checked out your clients’ and your competitors’ LinkedIn company pages?  Also, have you considered checking out typical “talent pool” companies on LinkedIn to see what you can get from this valuable data?

Happy hunting!

By Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a Director at Barclay Jones, a Consultancy working with recruiters advising them on the most effective use of technology, web and social media to improve their business processes, recruitment and bottom line. Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaMariJones.