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What Are the Top Online Distractions at Work?

We’re all guilty of a bit of procrastination at work at some point or another, and although different people are distracted by different things, whatever it is, it’s keeping us from doing our all important work and at the end of the day that is what we’re being paid for!

A survey conducted by Stop Procrastinating revealed that 68% of employees are distracted by the internet while at work, but what exactly do we waste our time doing on there?

 The findings of the survey have revealed the top 10 online distractions. Do any of these ring a bell?

  1. Social media….in the toilet!
  2. Booking a holiday
  3. Emailing a lover
  4. Online dating
  5. Online shopping
  6. Watching porn (?!?!?!)
  7. Watching videos
  8. Reading an ebook
  9. Browsing properties
  10. Selling stocks and shares

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Header Image Credit: Shutterstock