The Evolution of the Job Interview

Job interviews never stay the same. You may think you are going to be asked the same set of questions and sit in the same kind of room, but you would be surprised at how wrong you are. You are more likely to find yourself having a different experience each time you go for an interview.

Interviews come in a variety of forms, and at one point they didn’t even exist!

So how did the interview first come about and how has it changed over the years? Spark Hire have given us the answers:

The start:

At the beginning, jobs didn’t even exist, certainly not how they do today anyway. The only job that existed was survival- caveman style!

1700 – 1800:

Professions were passed on from generation to generation, so no interview was needed.


The industrial revolution created low skilled jobs so employment was dependant on performance.

The birth of interviews:

Technology increased job opportunities. Woodworth’s personal data sheet introduced a personality test to evaluate soldiers.


College education was on the rise and in 1921, Thomas Edison invented a written test to evaluate candidate’s knowledge.


Birth of the telephone interview and the internet – tests turn into online screening tools.


LinkedIn and Youtube were born.


Blackberry and social media – 62% of job seekers check employers out on social media.

Today – 2015:

89% of job seekers use mobile during their job hunt. 64% of US adults own a smartphone.

Today – interviews:

60% of employers use video interview software for remote hiring. Personality still an important factor for employability. 55% of recruiters reconsider candidates based on social media presence.

The future:

The rise of smart watches = interviews on the go. Snapchat, Voice Analysis Technology and 3D projection prototypes.

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