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The 7 Office Personalities Everyone Will Recognise

If you work in an office, you’ll understand that having a variety of characters and personalities around means your work is more creative and collaborative. It keeps things interesting and often means you get to see things from multiple perspectives.

However, there a select group of personalities whose reputations precede them. They include the office gossip, the lazy one and the over-enthusiastic summer intern. Have you ever had experience of working with any of them? Make sure you tweet us and let us know which ones you’ve come in contact with!

Here are some personalities you may recognise:

1) The bad-influence:

Bad influencers can be found anywhere, but it’s especially bad if it’s at work! Eternally hungover, always encouraging you to have another pint at lunch; the bad-influence is a rule breaker, but somehow they never seem to get fired. How do they do it?!


  • Always buying rounds of tequila for the team at quiet midweek drinks.
  • Always late, always pulling sickies, but always loved by all the bosses.
  • Often use their charisma to charm their way out of anything.

2) The over-committed colleague:

The over-committed colleague is a great example for others. Always at work early, never having a proper lunch break and always the perfectionist – the over-committed colleague knows how to get into the bosses good books.


  • Always arrives first and leaves the office last
  • Besties with their manager
  • Always going the extra mile

3) The lazy-bones:

This personality is EASY to identify. They usually put minimal effort into anything they do, which can get particularly annoying if you’re working on a project with them.


  • Always last to arrive and first to leave.
  • Tries to get away with the least amount of work they can.
  • Can typically be found at their desk perusing social media.

4) The way-too-happy colleague:

Happiness is contagious, and in this case – that’s a terrible thing. Almost as bad as an infectious tropical disease. And like an infectious tropical disease, it’s recommended that you stay away from the source.


  • Spin anything in a positive light.
  • Always make you feel a little bit brighter.
  • Totally unbearable anytime before 10am.

5) Mr-pointless-meeting:

Mr-pointless-meeting loves organisation. Don’t even bother asking them what they are having for lunch as they’ll want to set a meeting time in order to discuss what they’re having for lunch.


  • Love holding meetings.
  • If you work with a Mr Pointless Meeting, you will often leave meetings wondering why on earth you just had a meeting.
  • They look very intensely into your eyes as you speak. A bit too intensely.

6) The office gossip:

The office gossip can often be found hovering around their colleagues desks waiting to hear some juicy goss.


  • Lives for the latest office scandal.
  • Has the dirt on everyone and everything.
  • Loves to be the centre of attention.

7) The over-enthusiastic summer intern:

We all remember being there. Bright eyed, bushy tailed and super annoying!


  • Would bend over backwards to impress the boss.
  • Buy coffees for the team every single morning.
  • Arrives for work an hour and a half early.

By Ruby Lowe

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