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13 Personality Types in Every Office

In every office, you find a wide range of personalities, from the one who constantly complains about anything and everything happening in the business, to the workplace gossiper.

But which one are you? Hint hint, if you can’t associate one of these personality types with a member of your team, there’s a good chance you fall under that category! have created an infographic that gives a run down of 13 kinds of people you’ll find in every office. I’m sure some of you will be able to relate!

The usual suspects:

  • The chatterbox: Likes to share their life’s story whenever you bump into them. Avoided by the entire office like the plague.
  • The kitchen slob: They stick burritos in the microwave that explode, mouldy food in the fridge and of course dirty dishes in the sink.
  • The backstabber: They pretend to be your friend, but steal your ideas! They creepily watch your every move and next thing you know, they steal your idea, get a raise and corner office with a view.
  • The delegator: Always gives work to other people and never does any of their own. Also goes by the name of ‘manager’.
  • The Debbie downer: Does nothing but complain! Operates like a black hole for any positive vibes in the workplace.

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