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Top 7 Social Media Fails – at Work!

Social media is a very dangerous tool to have, especially at work. Here are the top social media fails to stop you doing the same!

1. The over-eager tweeter:

Does this look familiar to you? Sometimes, you don’t even wait for the job offer – just the interview is enough to make you hit the social networks. Of course, there is a caution to this tale – after Cisco saw her dilemma they promptly offered the job to someone else. Connor Riley was fired before even starting the role thanks to it going viral pretty quickly, which although is probably some sort of world record, it’s not one you’d be happy to be remembered for!

Want to tweet your good news? Go for it, just always check it and think: would I be happy for my new boss to read this? If in doubt, don’t send!

2. The too-close-to-home gossiper:

Nicole Crowther was apparently an extra on Glee, appearing on the show quite a few times. Not any more…

We’ve all accidentally passed on the office gossip, but plot spoilers for one of America’s biggest shows with an infamous cult following really is something else. Apparently, this tweet spelled the end of her acting career, as commented by Brad Falchuck (the writer/director/what he says goes). Although maybe she could make it as a gossip journalist as this little mishap really got a lot of people riled up and she definitely made a name for herself through this blunder.

3. The revenge of the rant attack:

It’s always great when you’re working in customer service and the customer is an actual, real life celebrity. Most us have a story about pulling a pint for a glamorous actress, seeing a TV personality in the sale section or watching a singer go for the early bird menu. However, when waiter Jon-Barrett Ingels spotted actress Jane Adams walk out without paying her bill he couldn’t help himself, and took to Twitter. He also pointed out the lack of a tip. However, a PR company paid the check the next day, the tip came the following month, yet unfortunately; Jon was out of a job.

Of course, embarrassment and humiliation is never the best way to get you what you want, no matter how tempting it is, and especially on such a huge, un-regulated scale.

4. The mother of all oops:

How many times have you accidentally sent a message to the wrong person? There have probably been a few times you’ve sent, or very nearly sent, the wrong message to the completely wrong person at work. It’s followed by an absolutely deafening silence, a heart that sinks as heavily as the Titanic and the unmistakable rise of vomit. Know it well? Imagine it was this…

Scott Bartosiewicz was a social media strategist for a social media agency. Was.

He accidentally used Chrysler’s social account for his own personal rant about trying to get home. Oops. Not only did he lose his job, his company also lost the Chrysler account. Double oops.

5. The over-adder of Facebook friends:

Classic. It’s the modern day equivalent of gossiping about someone only to realise they’re behind you, heard everything and will never forgive you. Well, this poor girl had a good old rant about her boss; only to find out she’d already added him on Facebook. She found out by his corker of a response, which just takes the biscuit that little bit more.

This is a prime example of ‘don’t talk about colleagues on social profiles’, and ‘be very careful who you add online.’ It can seem a great idea to add new friends at the office onto Facebook in the first few weeks, but it can be a difficult task to juggle work friends, real friends, old friends, family and those people you don’t really know, especially when you’re prone to outbursts of this magnitude.

6. The social craze that got you sacked:

Here we have proof that the lines between social media, real life and work have become a little bit blurred. This game shop employee decided to try out the planking craze; only problem is, he did it at work and then tweeted it online. His bosses were not happy. Working for the company for four years didn’t save him from the sack, as his actions were deemed too unsafe for the shop. We think the moral of this one is never mix business, pleasure and planking, and be very careful what pranks you decide to post online.

7. Political faux pas:

In the UK especially, banter is well appreciated and due to its heavy influence on daily activities, it’s usually well received. The problem is, is that banter is often not taken the right way; especially when you’re providing a little bit of banter of a really rather massive and controversial topic, and especially if you’re a politician.

What was probably assumed as a ‘funny’ turned into the defining moment of one man’s career (not for the better), and had a whole manner of implications on the Labour party. Lesson? Well, quite an obvious one, when you’re in a powerful position in the leadership of a country, don’t make ‘funnies’.

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