Employer Branding

The 6 Things You Need to Know to Recruit Millennials

Millennials could be the rising stars that your company/client really needs, so as a recruiter, it is essential that you know what is going to catch their attention.

A large number of this generation of workers are still at the beginning of their careers and are therefore looking for opportunities where they can grow and develop. The key to attracting them is knowing how to wrap up a role in a way that indicates there is room for them to climb the career ladder within the business. Recognising what motivates millennials, will give you the advantage of knowing what kind of perks they look for, what level of responsibility they are after and what will encourage them to stay with the company long term.

1) They will look you up online

Millennials are the digital generation and they have grown up with the internet providing endless information at their fingertips. It is likely to be their first point of call in their job search, from seeking vacancies, to looking up further information about your organisation, so it’s important that the information is there for them to find. Make sure that your company website is professional, up to date and provides all of the information that a job seeker would want to learn (e.g. what you do, where you are located, who works there, etc.) Having an active presence on social media will also work to your advantage, as you can use this to showcase your employer brand and engage younger candidates.

2) Millennial candidates are like consumers

Millennials want a job to be sold to them, much like in consumer marketing. They want to know exactly why they should take a job, how it will benefit them to do so and how they can have an impact on the business’s success. Recruiters can successfully sell a role by developing an effective talent brand on social media and identifying exactly what it is that the target audience want, as well as building relationships with prospective employees ahead of them applying.

3) They look for opportunities to grow

Millennials expect to advance in their careers much quicker than previous generations, so if there isn’t scope for promotion at their current company, they are more likely to jump ship at an early stage. The opportunity for learning and developing new skills on the job is also an important factor when seeking a new role, so offering a training program is a strong incentive.

4) They want flexibility

Work-life balance is even more important to millennials than their older counterparts and younger workers want a job that they can fit in around their family, social life and hobbies. This doesn’t meant that they want to work less, as millennials are actually a very hardworking and ambitious generation; however many would like to work flexible hours if given the chance. Remote working is also increasingly popular, with advanced technology and around the clock connectivity allowing workers to do their job and remain in touch with their team from outside of the office.

5) Company culture is important

One of the key factors that millennials consider before accepting a job is the kind of company culture the organisation has and whether or not they feel that it would suit their personality and working style. They are much less likely to settle for generous compensation alone, than previous generations and place more focus on finding a job that they will enjoy and feel inspired in. A lot of job seekers will turn to social media and company webpages to build an idea about the company’s working environment and the people who work there, so by showcasing your team and behind the scenes insights into the company, it will help your prospective employees to build a full picture of what it would be like to work there. Transparency can help to reduce employee turnover, as they know what to expect.

6) It’s not all about the money

Though millennials want to earn good money as much as the next guy, there are other less tangible perks and benefits that appeal to them more. Flexible working, generous holiday time, the opportunity for career development and room for innovation are all factors that attract millennials the most.

[Image Credit: Pablo]