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Why Recruiters Need to Start Acting More Like Marketers

Winning over the top talent is becoming tougher and tougher for employers, as they face fierce competition from rivals offering fancy benefits and packages; not to mention that workers are becoming more choosey about the kind of culture they want to work in and the reputation of the company. So it’s time to think more like a marketer in order to attract the best candidates to your organisation.

In order to stand out from competitors and engage your target market, you’re going to have to treat candidates more like consumers who you are selling your product (a job at your company) to. By introducing recruitment marketing into your strategy, it will help you to better engage candidates – both active and passive – and nurture them until they are ready to apply for a job at your organization. A good starting point is by building an effective employer brand, as candidates want to know what it’s like to work at the business and how they could fit in. You can further your recruitment marketing by advertising current vacancies on social media and sharing interesting content that will catch the attention of your target market.

So will 2016 be the year of recruitment marketing? icims think so and have put together this infographic outlining how recruiters will be using recruitment marketing to attract talent this year.

Should companies have a specific recruitment marketer?

  • 48% of HR professionals have or plan on hiring someone in 2016 to be responsible for recruitment marketing.
  • 65% of HR professionals think that hiring a recruitment marketing professional would make their company’s recruitment efforts more successful.

Do recruitment professionals think that recruitment marketing is essential?

  • 86% of recruiters agree that recruiting is becoming more like marketing.
  • 86% of recruitment professionals think that recruitment marketing is an effective strategy to attract, engage and nurture candidates.

How much time do companies spend filling a position?

  • 33% of companies spend 15-30 days to fill a position.
  • 30% spend 31-60 days.
  • To cut time, companies can use recruitment marketing to build talent pools and nurture passive talent.

What do job seekers think about talent pools?

  • 71% of job seekers agree that utilising talent pools is an effective strategy for companies to identify, attract, engage and nurture top talent.
  • 75% of job seekers think that employers should develop more talent pools to keep job seekers up to date on company information, including job vacancies and other news.

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