Talent Acquisition

5 Essential Tips for Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment is changing and it’s time to tailor your recruitment strategy for what the candidates want and will really capture their attention. Unfortunately candidates don’t particularly care about your brand and are more concerned about what you can DO for them.

The biggest contributing factor to the perception that a candidate builds about your company is what your employees are saying and 83% of candidates will check out a company online before applying for a job there, looking at online reviews, social media conversations and LinkedIn profiles of staff in particular.

Rather than launching into a trial of innovative and experimental content, you’re better off starting off by stripping back to the basics of social recruitment marketing. This infographic by Corporate Canary HR Consultancy explains how.


  • Create content that candidates actually want to improve chances of them returning.
  • Consistently deliver your employer brand promise and as a result this will build trust with potential candidates.
  • As employees are key representatives of the company and candidates will often turn to them to get an idea about the brand, involving them in your strategy can be extremely beneficial. You can get started by offering them social media tools and training, so that they can become online advocates for your organisation.
  • A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, just make sure you’re better than your competitors and your message will spread. If people have a good experience with you, they are more likely to share their experience with others and recommend your company.
  • Build an effective social strategy and stick with it for best results, for example the type of content and frequency that you share and who is involved.

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