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What Really Motivates Millennials?

According to US Census Bureau statistics, there are over 80 million people that fit into the bracket of ‘millennials’. This is the largest cohort size in history, which means we need to recognise and mould the way we work to fit in with the millennials way of thinking. Over the years, employee engagement and motivation has been a hot topic with employers – especially when it comes to the younger generation. What do young people really want from work? What can employers offer that will keep millennials happy and comfortable in the workplace? Forget about the pool tables and Friday afternoon drinks, I’ve put together a list of the things that really motivate millennials.

Include employees in your company vision:

Including employees in the true vision for your brand will motivate them in more ways than one. Firstly, it really shows them the reason why they are doing what they do. Their role isn’t just a few hours in an office and a pay check at the end of the month, it’s an integral part of the growth of a company. Sharing the company values and vision will also show them the meaning in their role, which in-turn will lead to higher motivation in productivity.

Provide independence and autonomy:

Respect the fact that many millennials will want to work independently or collaborate with a group of people. The more autonomy an employee has with their work, the more passion they feel for it. and if an employee truly cares about the work they do, then of course it’s going to be of higher quality. It’s also a good idea to let them take on their own projects, as this will keep employees engaged and also encourage innovation and creativity.

Be flexible:

This is probably one of the most important points. Millennials need flexibility in the workplace. This generation know that work can be done from anywhere that has an internet connection, and it wa seven proven in a study that employees would sacrifice pay in order to have more flexible working hours and holidays. This is a point that employers can often turn their nose up at, due to mistrust of employees. But trust is an important factor in the motivation of millennials, and if you show them you trust them, they’ll feel valued and motivation will spike.

Provide immediate feedback and one-on-ones:

Millennials thrive on personal growth in the workplace. Regular one-on-ones and continuos lines of communication will keep your employees on-track, whilst providing a channel for you to advise and suggest improvements. If the communication is always open, the employee will recognise the real time feedback and truly appreciate it. This not only makes them feel valued but also helps them grow and improve.

Promotion and movement:

By making sure there are clear pathways for promotion, millennials will recognise the potential movement and use this as a motivator for the work they do. Millennials don’t like feeling like they’re going nowhere in a company, so make sure you offer chance of collaboration too.

Offer training:

Millennials are hungry for growth and improvement. That’s why they will always appreciate the opportunity for training and learning in the workplace. According to Adecco, 68% of recent graduates identified good opportunities for growth and development as one of their top professional priorities.

By Ruby Lowe

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