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Top 5 Myths of Workplace Motivation

Disengaged employees cost businesses more than $300,000 a year.

It’s been proven that introducing motivation techniques can improve a workforces productivity by 44%!

But there’s no point in employing useless tactics to motivate employees – what ways actually work? In this article, we tackle the motivation myths.

Myth #1: All employees are motivated by money

There’s not doubt about it – money is definitely a large factor when it comes to work motivation. There’s no shame in this, but the one thing that employees often think is that money is the sole reason for doing what they do. A bonus is going to motivate employees in the short term, but if you want an employees long term commitment to your brand, you should not use money as the sole motivator.

Myth #2: You can motivate everyone in the same way

If you’re looking to motivate a large team with one method, think again. One of the top ways to motivate your employees is to get to know each of them as an individual, and then tailor your approach to each of their individual personalities. Everyone wants different things from the role they’re in, so get to know what it is. Your employees will truly appreciate it.

Myth #3: Encouraging workplace competition

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition, this is true. However, many brands and companies use competition as one of their main motivators, which in the long run, fails. it works short term but long term, makes the workplace less enjoyable and employees begin to resent their ‘competitors’ – who should simply be their colleagues.

Myth #4: Some employees don’t need motivating

No matter how successful or how keen an employee is for a role, it’s important to remember that they too will need to be motivated if they’re going to continue to be as productive as they can. As mentioned earlier in the article, this is a situation where you should really get to know your employees as individuals in order to understand what will motivate them. Don’t disregard employees just because they seem motivated already.

Myth #5: Having a job should be motivational enough

Many companies feel that a job alone is enough motivation for their workforce. But this is definitely not true. To fully motivate employees, you’ll need to include them in your company vision and provide opportunities and rewards for their hard work. After all, a company is nothing without the people who work in it!

By Ruby Lowe

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.