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The 10 Most Hated Types of Employees [INFOGRAPHIC]

Unfortunately, a workforce full of employees without any flaws is hard to come by and some times you just have to accept that there are going to be people that make getting through the working day a little bit difficult to say the least.

Whether they just don’t put the effort in, or have a constantly negative attitude towards work and colleagues, there are always going to be individuals who somewhat let the team down.

This infographic by Jobcluster has put together a list of the 10 must hated types of employees, that I’m sure will sound pretty familiar to some of you.

  1. The one who constantly misses deadlines – Not only do delays create setbacks for the individual who missed the deadline, there may also be a knock-on-effect for others involved when a schedule is disrupted.
  2. The constant complainer – They are never satisfied, whether it’s to do colleagues, management, etc. and they’re not afraid to let everyone know.
  3. The time waster– In other words, slackers. They will do anything to avoid doing work, from prolonged coffee breaks, to running pointless errands.
  4. The workaholic– They live, sleep and breath their job and don’t seem to have any idea of a work-life-balance. You can’t help but resent them a bit when they make you look bad for taking time off.
  5. The praise hunter– They need to be praised for everything they do, even the most basic of things, as though they are a huge achievement. Any form of criticism is taken pretty poorly.
  6. The mindless browser– The ones who spend all day browsing their social media feeds, scrolling through the internet, etc instead of doing their work. They take procrastination to a new level.
  7. The nit picker– Perfection is required in every piece of work completed and therefore they will find flaws in pretty much everything you do. They work on their terms and will only be happy if things are done precisely in their way.
  8. The socially awkward one – They may be incredibly intelligent and good at their job, however they lack a lot of basic social skills and find communicating with colleagues difficult.
  9. The ones who need to lighten up a little– They have a constant negative attitude and are never happy with their life and consequently they spread negative vibes around the workplace.
  10. The slob – They have no sense of personal hygiene or just general manners. They’ll generally spend their day eating noisily and creating a mess.

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By Sophie Deering