The 10 Most Deadliest Jobs

Sitting in an office 9-5 is an average day for most of the population. You wake up and have some coffee, sit down at your desk for 8 hours and then leave. You are relatively safe sitting down all day behind a computer. However, not everyone has an office job. There are many people who are currently involved in a job that is physically dangerous and involves all sorts of heavy machinery and challenging risks. So what are these jobs and why are they so dangerous?

This presentation by Code Red Safety reveals the 10 most deadliest jobs and what is involved in their daily routines:

The 10 most deadliest jobs

  1. Loggers – They work with heavy machinery and chainsaws, whilst working from extreme heights. Loggers have a total death rate of 91.3.
  2. Fisherman – Working on a steel vessel is dangerous as it is moving against the ocean. The tools they use are sharp and can instantly injure a person.
  3. Aircraft Pilots – There were a total of 63 deaths in 2013. High velocities and altitudes can be dangerous.
  4. Roofers – There are 132, 700 jobs in Roofing. There were 69 total deaths in 2013 as Roofers work at dangerous heights in bad weather conditions.
  5. Recyclable Material Collectors – Trucks have poor safety for drivers, including their inability to see other vehicles on the road clearly. They have a death rate of 33.
  6. Mining Machine Operators – They use extremely powerful equipment and machinery including having to deal with explosives.
  7. Truck Drivers – Total deaths in 2013 were 748! With there being 1,585, 300 jobs in truck driving, this is a dangerous situation for workers to be in. The trucks hold a large amount of weight, whilst constantly being on the road in extreme weather conditions.
  8. Farmers and Ranchers – There were 220 deaths in 2013, working with dirty soil and being in the way of large machinery is a hazard to these workers.
  9. Electrical Powerline Workers – Deaths caused by electrocution and faulty cable systems.
  10. Construction Workers215 deaths in 2013. Power tools, falling beams and working at extreme heights are all potential dangers to construction workers.

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By Casey Fleischmann