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Making a Recruitment Video That People Actually Care About

Video is becoming increasingly popular, especially through platforms such an Instagram, Vine and Twitter Video. With this in mind, it is important to always be innovative when thinking of ways to showcase recruitment.

Making a recruitment video is a good way to show you are creative and is easier than most people think. Many assume you must use a professional camera and have someone who knows exactly what they are doing recording the video. However, you can make a video yourself and it can be great if you do it the right way.

Video makes content more human and personable. It gives people a chance to express how they feel and say how they feel whilst in the moment, providing a fresh outlook and making them relatable to the people watching.

This video provided by LinkedIn Talent Solutions gives some great tips on how to create a recruitment video with your own phone and shows which scenes and what type of content will be helpful to include in your video.


  • In terms of equipment use what you have got. Do not record  vertical videos with bars on the side, keep your phone sideways and steady.
  • Sound matters. Bad sound is worse than a bad video so make sure you are recording in quiet areas and people are speaking clearly.
  • You can even use a recording device on a second phone and hold close up to original phone.
  • For interviews, let people be human. Ask questions like why did you join this company and what do you love about your job.
  • Use your tools to show and not to just tell.
  • Use apps such as Timelapse and Hyperlapse to showcase people and office space.
  • Slide your phone on smooth surfaces or anything with wheels top create a variety of cinematic effects.

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Why not try making your own recruitment video using your mobile phone using the tips above and let us know how it goes!

By Casey Fleischmann