When it comes to writing our Resume we’re all guilty of bending the truth slightly in our favour. Nothing too dramatic of course, just a few little white lies here and there that will make us sound that bit more employable.

Here are a handful of some of the most common white lies that people put on their Resume. Actually let’s not call them lies…more like embellishing reality!

1) I have great communication skills.

What you really mean: I hate people, but I’m a wonderful actor.

2) I’m an extremely hardworking individual.

What you really mean: I need money, so I guess I’ll do what it takes.

3) I’m a team player.

What you really mean: As long as everyone agrees that my way is the best way.

4) I’m incredibly organised.

What you really mean: I have all my appointments recorded super efficiently in my diary…wait, WHERE is my diary?

5) I work well under pressure.

What you really mean: I’ll probably have a nervous break down the second a deadline approaches.

6) I’m fluent in French and Spanish.

What you really mean: I’m pretty efficient when it comes to ordering a beer on holiday.

7) I have experience in ______.

What you really mean: I use the term “experience” loosely. I’ve heard of it…

8) I’m willing to work overtime.

What you really mean: You better be paying me for every additional minute over my contracted hours.

9) I’m always willing to help others.

What you really mean: I once showed a new member of staff where the bathroom was.

10) I’m really enthusiastic and full of energy.

What you really mean: Just fuel me with coffee and I’m good to go…until 3pm…then I need chocolate.

11) I have a really good telephone manner.

What you really mean: By no means will you call me when an email will suffice.

12) I’m experienced in conducting thorough research.

What you really mean: Those Trip Advisor reviews didn’t read themselves ahead of that trip to Turkey last Summer…

13) I’m confident at delivering presentations.

What you really mean: Public speaking makes me turn into a sweaty mess and develop a stammer.

14) I’m always eager to learn new skills.

What you really mean: As long as it’s not going to take up any extra time outside of work hours.

15) I’m full of ambition.

What you really mean: Whatever pays the bills.


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