What are the Best, Worst, Highest and Lowest Paid Jobs?

Just how happy are you at your current job? Do you feel your salary is generous, or are you underpaid? However you view your current occupation, it’s always helpful to compare your situation to others for a greater understanding of your career. Maybe it’s time for a career change? Just be sure you don’t choose a bizarre occupation such as Egg Smeller or a Shark Tank Cleaner.

This infographic (courtesy of JobZoo) shows the reality of jobs in these modern times. Which are the most desirable, unpopular and the best and worst paid?


  • The best paid job in the UK is ‘head of major organisation’ with a highest average of £114,450 pa.
  • The second highest paid job is aircraft pilot – at £74,442 pa.
  • 80% of people reading this are dissatisfied with their jobs – is that true? Let us know in the comments!
  • 29% of graphic designers are self employed. Are you your own boss?
  • Want to be paid to be a zombie? You can at Tower Bridge, London for up to £30,000 a year.
  • The most unpopular job title is IT Director.

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