The Safest Jobs in a Bad Economy

As we steadily approach the edge of the long-anticipated ‘double dip,’ the Great Recession continues its third straight year as the central topic of economic discussion in our country.

It has affected, and continues to affect, everyone in the US in one way or another – whether through unemployment, defunding of states and government institutions like school and infrastructure, or the violent fluctuations of the stock market.

Unemployment, in particular, has long been pinpointed by numerous economists as the number one economic problem in our midst.

Though unemployment has been wide-reaching across industries, some have clearly been hit worse than others. Certain professions, such as mail sorting and photo processing, are being phased out by emerging digital technologies rapidly rendering them, arguably, obsolete.

Other businesses, such as independent record stores, are in decline because of the way their respective industries have radically become transformed – once again, thanks to digital technology.

Other jobs, however, against all odds, are on the rise. The steep rise. And while everyone knows that the tech giants are constantly hiring the best and brightest, you might be surprised to hear about a few of the others. Any interest in becoming a performance makeup artist? Now’s the time, with 40% projected job growth into 2016. Or how about dabbling in mental health counseling? There are more than societal benefits to this job, with a remarkable – though somewhat unexplainable – projected growth of 30%.

So if you’re sick of your job and craving a new profession, now might be the time to head back to school and get that second degree in one of these 10 specializations. These jobs, according to data, have nowhere to go but up.

Some interesting jobs with good salaries:

  • Mental Health Counselor $37,840
  • Forensic Science Technician $48,150
  • Financial Analyst $77,280
  • Dental Hygienist $62,430
  • Skincare Specialist $29,550
  • Computer Software Engineer $87,250
  • Database Administrator $67,460
  • Veterenarian $89,490

And don’t even think about becoming a lamplighter, typesetter, lector, or elevator operator – these jobs are facing extinction.

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