The 16 Stages of a Job Interview, as Told Through Cheesy Stock Images

You’ve got to love a stock image. Cheesy facial expressions, exaggerated hand gestures and generally awkwardly staged scenarios all round! In fact, when I put it like that, they have a few things in common with a job interview.

Interviews aren’t exactly the most relaxing experiences. You do your best to come across as charming and confident, while you have a slightly uncomfortable exchange with another individual; but in reality it probably all appears rather rehearsed and artificial.

So what exactly would a job interview look like if it were a stock image photoshoot?

1) You find out that you’ve landed an interview.

“I’m just so excited I’m going to grin ecstatically and wave my hands in the air!”


2) You call your mum/other half/best pal because you’re just SO excited.

*squeals down the phone*


3) You memorise every word on their website.

Interview prep makes me smile.”


4) Panic strikes as you realise you have NOTHING to wear.

This means one thing: shopping trip!


5) You set off to your interview in your new clobber…But soon find yourself terribly lost.

“If I scream at my SatNav I will magically arrive in my desired destination.”


6) You finally arrive in a fluster 5 minutes before your interview and take a seat awaiting your fait.

“Why travel by foot when you can FLY?”


7) Your name is called and you’re filled with terror.

“The ‘rabbit caught in headlights’ look is totally interview appropriate, right?”


8) You put on your best charming act.

““I found that if you have a goal, that you might not reach it. But if you don’t have one, then you are never disappointed. And I gotta tell ya… it feels phenomenal.” – Peter La Fleur, Dodgeball


9) You’re caught off guard by a question you can’t answer. Yikes!

“If I look upset he may feel sorry for me and move on.”


10) You blag your way through the rest.

“I can count on my fingers…hire me.”


11) You come out with a witty remark that gets a laugh from your interviewer.

Cue the smugness.


12) The interview ends, so you say your thanks and leave.

“Thank you so much for this incredibly stressful half hour.”


13) You mentally torture yourself by reliving the interview word for word.

“I can’t believe I said that, the only thing I can do now is pull my hair out.”


14) Still pumped with adrenaline, it’s time to send a thank you email.

“PS. Please hire me.”

offbeat15) Phew thank god that’s over!

“I need a drink.”


16) The waiting game begins.

“Get back to me before I eat my hand.”


[Image Credit: Shutterstock]