Is Job Hopping a Good or Bad Thing?

Job hopping. It’s a topic that divides opinions and has been greatly discussed over the years.

Whereas some feel that it can benefit your career by giving you the opportunity to climb the ladder quicker, whilst gaining a variety of skills and experience in different environments, there are others that see it as an indication that the individual struggles to commit to a role.

So where do you sit on the topic?

This week we asked the Undercover Recruiter what their thoughts are on job hopping, the impact it can have on an individual’s career and whether they would hire a job hopper. Here’s what they had to say:

Kalyan Raman

Marketing Professional

“There are two sides to it. The main benefit of job hopping is that the person can reach a certain level in the growth path rather quickly compared to his/her colleagues. But, once the hopping crosses more than three in a span of three to four years, definitely the growth will stall and even getting a good job will be in jeopardy. Staying in a particular job for at least 4 to 5 years will be ideal.”



Patrick Laforet

Recruitment Consultant

“There is a difference between a “rising star” who moves every two years, and a less than productive individual who keeps getting pushed out. Telling the difference is sometimes the hard part.”




Mahesh Kaushik

Associate Human Resource & Administration at Aleph Tav Technologies Pvt Ltd

I view job hopping to be an opportunity for employers to get a hold of a very unique breed of talent who comes across as a multi organisation expert who knows about best practices in a particular field.



Adam Glassman

Recruitment Strategies Manager at Expert Global Solutions

“Job hopping is ok, w/ limits and a rationale (better opportunity, growth, location change, etc). The reason matters.”




Soniya Sharma

“It questions the stability need and it affects on the compensation growth. majorly job hopping is done for hike.”





Personnel Placements

“It helps if there are valid reasons why, if not then there may be alarm bells for employers wanting some one to stick around.”


Rebecca Harper

Internal recruiter at Sale Cycle

“Tough question! Job hopping can benefit/ Jeopardise depending on the employer. Never judge a book…in my opinion.”




Khairul Azizan

“I wouldn’t recruit a job hopper.”