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Could Job Hopping Benefit Your Career?

In the past, job hopping has been regarded as a negative thing, signifying that the individual has trouble holding down a job, or lacks commitment and focus at work. However, things are changing and what once could have been a deal breaker for a candidate, could in fact work in their favour in the current climate.

Changing jobs frequently is particularly common among millennials, who are much more likely to progress in their career by using a number of different companies as the stepping stones to path their way to success, than their older counterparts who tended to climb the career ladder within a single organisation.

Tenure was once considered one of the most valuable traits in a potential employee when making hiring decisions, as it indicates that they were clearly valued within their previous company and are much more likely to stick around if given the job than a job hopper. These days, however,  having a number of jobs on your resume doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a loose cannon and rather that you have a variety of experience and skills from different roles and environments.

So what do people really think about job hopping in this day and age and how could it affect your career?

According to a survey conducted by Accountemps, of the US workers surveyed, 58% of them still do not believe that job hopping can benefit your career. This being said, responses were highly divided by age and whereas 78% of over 55s do not think it is beneficial, 57% of 18-34 year olds regard it as a positive thing.

Here are a few of the benefits of job hopping:

1) Earn more

When staying in the same job over time, pay-rises may be few and far between and they’re probably not quite as generous as you’d hope. By beginning a new role at a new company, however, it is much more likely to result in a salary increase and there is more room for negotiation prior to starting at the company too.

2) Gain new skills

By working in a number of different roles and companies, it gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and experience different processes and techniques. With every new role, comes new experiences, different colleagues and varied responsibilities, all of which could benefit you in the future of your career.

3) Experience different company cultures

By working at a number of different companies throughout their career, job hoppers will experience a variety of company sizes, industries and people. This can be an attractive quality in a potential employee as it is likely that they will be able to bring a lot of ideas to the table, insights into the way that other businesses run and a broad network of contacts.

4) Move up the career ladder faster

Depending on the size of the organisation you are working in, receiving a promotion can often take some time! It’s likely that there won’t be a more senior position in the company, without somebody leaving their job and there’s no saying when that could be. Additionally, it can take some proving yourself, to convince your boss that you deserve the opportunity. Starting a role in a new company can remove all of these factors, as you can go where the vacancies are, rather than waiting around for the opportunity to arise.

5) Multiple employers on resume

Although some employers may be hesitant to hire people who’s resume demonstrates a number of short stints at different companies, some like to hire people with a diverse background. Multiple employers means exposure to multiple cultures, management styles and responsibilities, creating a well rounded employee.


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