6 Ways Your Attitude Could be Damaging Your Job Hunt

You could be the most qualified candidate on the market, but if you go about your job search with the wrong attitude, you could still struggle to secure a job. There’s more to hire-ability than your qualifications and skills, as people want to hire individuals who are easy to get on with and are driven to achieve their best in their jobs. If you make a poor impression in your interview it could cost you the job, so make sure you enter your job hunt with a positive and proactive approach.

Even if your job hunt has left you feeling pretty fed up, it’s important that you do not allow this to affect your behaviour. Here are a few mistakes that could hinder your job hunt:

1) Hostility

Managers don’t want to hire people with a frosty demeanor, they want to work with people who are friendly and will work well with others. If you don’t come across as an approachable and sociable individual, you are likely to raise concerns that you wouldn’t fit in well with the team, or could cause conflict in the workplace. Make conversation with your interviewer to ensure that they feel at ease around you and never underestimate the power of a smile!

2) Arrogance

Confidence can be a good thing when interviewing for a new job, as it’s essential that you have faith in your own abilities; however there is a fine line between self-assurance and arrogance. Nobody wants to work with somebody who regards themselves as a gift from God. Even if you are amazing at your job and could well be the best candidate for the job, by no means should you start shouting this from the rooftops, it’ll only send your interviewer running a mile!

3) Pessimism

Pessimism and feeling sorry for yourself will get you know where and if you don’t think you’re going to achieve anything, then you probably won’t! If you’ve been struggling in your job search, it may have left you feeling pretty disheartened, but try not to let it show when it comes to interviewing for a new role. Try to be optimistic about your chances and in turn you will demonstrate the positive ‘go-getting’ attitude that lots of employers look for in their staff.

4) Laziness

Job hunting isn’t an easy task and if you want to land your dream job, you’re going to have to put the time and effort in! If you sit back and expect somebody else to do the leg work, you are never going to get anywhere, even if a contact said that they can help you out. One way to prove that you are self-motivated and serious about a job is by following up your job applications and interviews, rather than sitting back and waiting to hear from employers.

5) Rudeness

Rudeness isn’t a very favourable trait to possess in general, so you’re certainly not going to impress an interviewer or hiring manager if you have no manners! Make sure that you thank them for their time and consideration during the application process and if offered an interview, be sure to present yourself smartly, shake their hand and behave in a polite manner throughout. Manners don’t cost a thing, but make a world of difference!

6) Self deprecation

If you have no confidence in your capabilities, then why would an employer? You have to really sell yourself in your job hunt and know how to promote your best qualities and skills, so have faith in yourself. By adopting the attitude that you are not good enough for the role, you probably won’t do a very good job of convincing an employer that you are!

[Image Credit: Shutterstock]