Are We the Job Hopping Generation?

Job hopping was not so popular back in the day, with multiple jobs in a short amount of time seen as a negative thing from a hiring managers perspective. If you are going to leave the job you had, won’t you just end up leaving the new job you secure?

Now, it seems that job hopping is the new trend to be a part of. The more jobs you have, the more skills you possesses which shows an ability to adapt, learn and gain a whole range of varied skills.

Is job hopping ultimately a positive or negative thing and what do people want from their future jobs?

Degree Query have provided us with the answers and some tips and tricks for job searching.

The statistics

  • Median years of tenure with current employer aged 16+ in 2014 = 4.6.
  • 9/10 millenials expect to stay in a job for less than 3 years.
  • This = 15-20 jobs in a lifetime!
  • Late 1980’s: 20-25 year olds changing jobs each year = 50%
  • Post 2007 recession:  20-25 year olds changing jobs each year = 35%

Changing jobs frequently helps your career.

  • 50% of 18-34 year olds agree with this statement.
  • only 22% of 55+ agree with this statement.

The benefits:

  • Better compensations = 31%
  • New skills = 30%
  • New company/corporate culture = 18%

What job seekers want:

  • Job stability = 65%
  • Location = 57%
  • Affordable benefits = 55%
  • Good work culture: 46%
  • Half day Fridays = 40%
  • On site fitness centre = 22%

Tips for a successful job search:

  • Join a corporate talent network
  • Ask for feedback
  • Be positive
  • Network
  • Follow where the jobs are!

Read more of the statistics and tips below!





By Casey Fleischmann