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Inspiring Tips and Statistics for Job Seekers in 2015

Finding a job can be a difficult and time consuming process. First you need to know what sector of work you want to get into, establish your career goals and know what you want from the company that will be employing you.

Job opportunities have changed over the years as there are now new ways to interact. Social media has played a huge part in the job seeking and employment process, reaching a new audience as well as increasing the way you can communicate with hiring managers and different companies.

So, in order to be successful in the job seeking process, you need some helpful and inspiring tips and facts to push you in the right direction. This can also help employers understand how people are changing the way they look for job opportunities.

These top tips, statistics and quotes provided by Audvisor do just that!


  • 2015 has seen the most job openings in the US since 2007!
  • February 2015 = 5.13 million job openings in the US.
  • Rise in mobile job search.
  • 41% of people look for jobs whilst they are in bed!
  • 18% of people look for jobs whilst in the loo!

Social media

  • 93% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting (so make sure you have the perfect LinkedIn profile).
  • 1 out of 3 employers who research candidates on social media find content that makes hiring more likely.


  • Tell a story on your resume.
  • Stand out – Get creative and demonstrate your skills with a video CV.
  • Gain skills and persevere.
  • Know your market value.