How to Impress a Tech Recruiter in an Interview and Get the Job

The tech industry is in need of a lot of talent. With the way technology is advancing, and the competition that is going on between companies, the competitors are always looking for the best and the brightest individuals who can come up with good ideas as well as polish those ideas and turn them into items that would be in demand.

This competition has made the hiring of IT specialists a lot harder. The economy has not been of help either – it’s just made companies more conscious of the cost.  This prompts them to make sure that every new hire will be worth their pay and so much more. These are people who know more than just the job description that they are hiring for – they are knowledgeable regarding the technical aspect of the job, and are therefore able to ask harder questions in order to test whether or not an applicant has the basic knowledge needed to fulfil the job post.

Each technical recruiter has his or her own way of conducting interviews. However, there are certain qualities that they are all looking for. Here are a few tips that would get you into the good graces of a technical recruiter:

Do your own background research:

Would you hire someone who knows nothing about the job that he is applying for? In fact, would you hire someone to join your team when they know nothing about the team they’re joining?

A technical recruiter would be keen to ask about what you know about the job and would focus on your technical skills. If you are not able to answer their questions, then you might not score the points that would get you to the next interview.  Therefore, always do your homework!

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Pace yourself when answering:

Technical recruiters take notes, and they would do this while you talk whether face to face or over the phone. Be considerate of this fact, and speak at a moderate pace. This will not just make it easy for them to take notes, but it will give you time to formulate your own thoughts.

You will also not sound unsure whenever you take a few seconds before launching into your answer because the pause will sound normal, especially when you do it at the end of every question.

Have your own questions:

It is true that you would be on the receiving end when it comes to the interview, but it would help if you develop curiosity of your own. Having curiosity regarding the job would be a good sign of interest.

Perhaps you could ask what are the main challenges that this job faces on a daily basis, or when you would hear regarding the decision. Having a ready set of questions would help, and being able to ask them when appropriate would go a long way.

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Do remember that the technical recruiters are people too. They need to converse, and when they get into a good conversation with someone, that impression tends to stick with them until they make their recommendations. Impressing them with your resume is one thing, but getting on their good side during an interview would definitely put you in a much better position. Prepare for your interview, impress your recruiter, and get that dream job you have always wanted!