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6 Ways That Gamification Can Help Your Business

Gamification is a concept that has existed in marketing for years, with tactics such as points rewards schemes and prize draws proving a massive success with customers.

So how could this practice be adopted for the workplace?

The idea is to make work more enjoyable and by integrating game elements into daily work functions  it can help to keep employees engaged and motivated when completing tasks that may otherwise feel a bit tedious or mundane.

If your workforce could do with a bit of a productivity boost, here are a few ways that gamification could help.

1) Boosts teamwork

If you would like to create a more collaborative environment within your company, setting tasks such as increasing social connections, attending events, undertaking group projects etc. with a chance of winning a prize, could be what it takes to spur on teamwork in the office.

2) Encourages referrals

Referrals are one of the most valuable sources when hiring new staff, so to encourage your employees to get involved an employee referral scheme that offers rewards could be an effective incentive.

3) Lift the spirits of your staff

Dragging yourself into work each day can be a bit of a chore if you don’t enjoy your job. By adding gaming elements to daily tasks, you can make the workplace a more pleasant environment and ensure that employees are enjoying their jobs.

4) Spurs on further training

Gamified learning can make training more fun and encourage staff to get involved in self-directed learning and professional development. Whereas supplying textbooks or reeling off facts from a dull powerpoint presentation may send people to sleep, quizzes and games may help to maintain interest. Making learning fun also helps with retaining knowledge, so games can make information stick.

5) Boost sales/ meet goals

Bring out the competitive side in your employees by setting a competition to see who can make the most sales/ reach a set goal first. No one wants to come last, so it will really get staff fired up.

6) Inspire creativity

People can often be hesitant to offer their thoughts and ideas in brainstorming sessions; however if there was an element of competition or incentive it could encourage employees to think more creatively and come up with innovative ideas for the business.

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