Employer Branding

What Makes Employee Advocacy So Effective?

Your employees are your best advocates for your business. Why? Because what more reliable source is there to learn about a company, than first hand from the ones who work there?

Employee advocacy is becoming more and more popular among businesses, for marketing purposes and to build a great employer brand. Not only is it really easy to implement, but it also has a far more genuine feel to it than regular brand messaging shared by official sources and therefore your target market are more inclined to trust the information and take it on board.

This infographic by Dynamic Signal explains just why employee advocacy is so widely used.

How is business going digital?

  • 88% of businesses are going through a digital transformation.
  • 87% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute content.
  • 78% of sales people using social media outsell their peers not using social media.
  • 88% of employees already use social media.

What are the benefits of employee advocacy?

  • 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.
  • Brand messages reach 24 times further when shared by employees.
  • The average employee reaches 1,140 on social media.
  • 50% of employees already post messages on social media about their employers.

What are the results of employee advocacy?

  • Employee advocacy has 11 time more content amplification.
  • It brings 5 times more website traffic and 25% more leads.
  • It also results in 24 times more brand awareness.

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