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The Most Awesome Offices in the World

Over the years, office design has evolved and changed to suit the working world. From large open plan offices with a manager looking over the workers to small cubicle desks spaces – there’s certainly been a huge variation in what people think works well. In more recent years, collaboration and freedom in the workplace have been quintessential factors for creating a productive workforce. As technology is changing and work is becoming more cloud-based, working space has evolved and developed into a fun and interesting way to motivate employees, whilst providing a comfortable workspace too.

Everyone wants to work in a cool office space, so what brands have been upping their game when it comes to having the most awesome office?


Airbnb is an awesome brand…and their offices reflect it. The entire office space is open plan, with no private offices (even for the founders!). There are collaboration spaces for employees to work together on projects and lots of mini ‘work caves’ for employees to sit in quietness if desired. The whole office has a light and airy feel, and looks very contemporary too!


Innocent drinks are a brand known for their positive outlook and funny attitude. The offices reflect this perfectly, with bright colors, fake grass, and fun props littered around the office. It’s actually called ‘fruit towers’ (Google map it!) and looks like an amazing place to work. They have a breakfast kitchen, a library, and even a Dr. Who Police Box in the office.

Nokia :

Nokia has an office space that screams contemporary and cool. The bright, block colors and wooden panels make the area bright fun, and playful, whilst still holding a professional vibe too. 


Google’s Tel Aviv office is like something out of a fairy tale. With different themed rooms and incredible decals, space has been transformed into the perfect creativity-boosting home for some of the best minds at Google.


Lego shows off the tone of their brands through the design of their office. Fun, playful and bright, the offices reflect the brand perfectly. They even have a slide!

Red Bull:

Red Bull’s streamlined and ergonomically designed office reflects their brand perfectly. The block colors and metalwork make the area feel modern and fresh.

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