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Britain’s Top 20 Awkward Interview Experiences

When entering a job interview, the last thing you want to do is to show yourself up in front of your potential new employer, however these things happen and sometimes it is just out of your control.

According to a study completed by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), six in ten Brits have been left red-faced in a job interview and one in twelve have become so ashamed in an interview that they’ve even walked out before the end. Yikes!

Many embarrassing or uncomfortable interview experiences come as a result of not doing enough preparation, a lack of confidence or receiving a somewhat unexpected or bizarre question and 30% of the respondents in AAT’s study said that they had given a cringe-worthy answer to difficult questions.

It appeared that some employers seem to flout rules forbidding asking candidates too personal information, with some people reporting that they had been questioned about their relationship status or whether plans for the future involved having children.

A few of the biggest interview nightmares were said to be stuttering, having a rude interviewer and even bursting into tears or being sick, which I agree would not be ideal. Accidentally swearing or trying to disguise a hangover also crept into the top 20 most-common awkward experiences, however probably slightly more avoidable.

AAT compiled a list of what they’re respondents said their most awkward or embarrassing interview experiences were.

Top 20 awkward interview experiences:

  1. I didn’t know what to say.
  2. I felt intimidated.
  3. I said something stupid.
  4. The interviewer seemed bored.
  5. I kept stuttering.
  6. The other person was really rude
  7. I went really red.
  8. I didn’t answer many of their questions.
  9. I was late.
  10. I knew nothing about the company.
  11. I started to sweat really badly.
  12. I had no knowledge on the job role.
  13. I got lost.
  14. The other person interviewing asked if I was thinking of having a child anytime soon.
  15. I kept mumbling.
  16. The person interviewing asked me if I was single or married.
  17. I was made to do an interview, Apprentice-style, with the other short-listed candidates.
  18. I had forgotten which role I was applying for.
  19. I had a hangover.
  20. I accidentally swore.

Have you got an embarrassing or awkward interview tales to tell? Please do share!

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