12 Things That Will Make You Happier at Work

Do you find yourself being unhappy whilst at work? It would be great to actually enjoy your day at work rather than having to simply endure it. Even changing small things in your daily routine can help you to become much happier.

This presentation by When I Work tells us how by making these 12 certain changes, you can instantly change your mood at work:

12 Changes to Make You Happier at Work:

  1. Stop multitasking. This can make you less productive and prone to cheating.
  2. Practice thinking positively. Focus on what is positive in your own life and surroundings. The brain focuses on one thing at a time, so it is important to focus on actually being positive.
  3. Ask for more responsibility. Work often makes us feel unhappy as we do not have enough to do. Having the extra expectation can also make time go by faster.
  4. Keep an eye out for more ways to grow. Take classes, attend conferences and learn as much as you can. Feeling like you can better yourself makes it feel as if possibilities are endless, even if in a dead-end job.
  5. Find ways to help others at work. Help people who have an overload of work and could use some help to catch up. You are also making other people happier by doing this.
  6. See people as relationships, not pawns. A positive attitude can change everything.
  7. Start your day in a happy way. Find a method to start the morning in a way which makes you feel relaxed, not stressed and not time pressured. If you are a manager, reconsider morning meetings. Give people a change to start their day positively first.
  8. Get some fresh air on a regular basis. 20 minutes of fresh air outside makes you feel good physically and helps to clear your head. So get up and go outside!
  9. Avoid decision fatigue. Making decisions take its toll on you, minimise deciding what to wear and what to eat.
  10. See your work as a calling. The excitement of the pursuit of the goal that keeps you going and gives you drive to do lots of work.
  11. Track your progress. Write down your goals so you can track the progress of them. People with clear written goals accomplish more.
  12. End your day on a positive note. Start the day positive and end the day positive

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By Casey Fleischmann