How To Create Opportunities [Top 3 Words To Use]

I see many articles on current buzz words for writing résumés, LinkedIn profiles as well as branding statements.  Each year, some words or phrases get deleted from the elite list while others make it in.  I have not figured out what the secret formula is for being in or out.  However, here is what I know for sure – words have meaning, therefore, stand-alone words or phrases make little impact.  What makes words remarkable is how they can create stories that capture imagination, cause curiosity and build engagement.  Words that speak of future promise get a reader’s or listener’s attention. As I look at different lists posted about which words are jaded and overused, here is what I personally believe.  I believe that these three words matter the most when we are opening doors to opportunities.


By: Spirit-Fire

Do your words answer, “Why buy?”  What you choose to write or say can and does create loyalty and a buzz for your talent.  How do you then, using a rich and varied vocabulary create a space for someone to wonder aloud with you and when reading your marketing documents, feel curious about where you are going and become excited about taking that journey with you?  Most of us make decisions based on emotional and rational attributes.  How does your message tug at a person’s heart so that your reason to work and contribute mirrors the listener or reader’s “why” as closely as possible?  Imagine what would happen when combined talent is unleashed to create sustainable business and personal value. Joy. Engagement.  Productivity. Contribution.


Most will agree that the business world today is even more volatile which requires agility in talent and skills that many of us are unprepared for.  The moment we master one skill, another one pops up to challenge us and grow.  The short-term value proposition for hiring talent might be how closely skills align with immediate deliverables.  A futuristic proposition might be how current skills, past experience and unseen potential aligns with hidden problems and headaches waiting around the corner for a business.  How can you take the conversation into a future where trends are yet to happen, where new challenges are yet to emerge and where your talent, if missing, would dramatically impact an organization’s return on investment (ROI)? Imagine a conversation where you can clearly connect mission (what an organization is today) to vision (what an organization aspires to be).  Joy. Engagement. Productivity. Contribution.


By: Andreas Ivarsson

The true meaning in this word speaks to ownership – matching words to observable behaviors and committing to sometimes challenging personal and professional growth.  The easiest and most practical way to showcase accountability is to share stories of success and sometimes, failure. It might be a short-term goal to get an offer, move to the next phase of an interview or even accept a promotion.  I believe that this accountability must come from a deeper level and hopefully drive thought and action in a seamless way.  It is about authenticity in all that we do because that is what makes each moment count, makes each interaction memorable and each conversation, a human connection.  When I am accountable, I am a creator not a victim.  When I am accountable, I have to face up to my shortcomings and do something about them.  When I am accountable, I can give wholeheartedly.  Joy. Engagement. Productivity. Contribution.

Where do you see these themes – connection, alignment and accountability show up in your life? What favorite words or phrases are in your toolbox to create curiosity and engagement for your remarkable, one-of-a-kind talent?  Do share.

By Sunitha Narayanan

Sunitha Narayanan is a certified career coach with a passion for connecting people and their talents to life and work opportunities. She is a co-active coach, empowering her clients to believe in their dreams, set actionable goals and actively create joy in their work lives. She is with Promark Company, a Career Partners International firm that offers executive coaching, leadership development and outplacement services. Learn about her interests by visiting her LinkedIn profile.