Talent Acquisition

What Does it Cost to Recruit a New Employee?

Hiring new employees can be tiresome and costly.

This infographic from HR Tech Blog shows how NOT to make it tiresome and costly.


  • On average there are 141 applicants to each job opening, and with a recruiter managing 22 openings simultaneously¬†at one time, this produces 3102 resumes for a recruiter to handle at one time – but only 28% of recruiters have the technology to manage applicants.
  • A job position is open, on average, for 45 days, with 10 candidates screened per position.
  • Phone interviews have been found to be inefficient, inconsistent and ineffective.
  • 35% of companies regularly fly in candidates for in-person interview, and with 100% of jobseekers having used video calling services before, why not use pre-recorded video interviewing?
  • 60% of hiring managers believe that video interviewing could make their jobs easier.

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