Employer Branding

The New Era of Company Culture

Company culture should be the number one positive force behind your brand. If it’s not, you’re seriously missing out on an easy way to shape the perception, reputation and retention numbers in your company.

A good company culture isn’t about Sandra from IT offering you a slice of birthday cake or the occasional after-work drinks. Company culture actually delves much deeper into the actions and psychology of employees. Having a good company culture means that an employee feels safe and needed in the work environment, meaning more employees stay with your brand for longer. One of the key factors of a good company culture is the inclusion of employee growth in the future visions of your company, and whilst your brand grows, so should your employees.

Are you looking for some inspiration to take your company culture to the next level? Well look no further! Brands have recently been taking to Slideshare to present their company culture in a simple, yet very effective manner. Often a company culture document is kept internally, but game-changing brands have been sharing their values publicly in a bid to attract and retain employees. It’s interesting to see that sharing such intimate details regarding the basis of your company can really place you as a thought leader in such a saturated field.

Top 3 company culture slide decks:


Netflix were one of the first companies to publicly release their company culture on a slidedeck. It’s titled ‘Freedom & Responsibility’ and discusses 7 key aspects of the Netflix company culture.


  • Page 5 – Demonstrates why buzzwords should NOT be used to describe your company culture.
  • Page 27 – Honesty is a must. Apparently you should periodically ask your manager: “If I told you I were leaving, how hard would you work to change my mind?”
  • Page 35 – Some companies tolerate workers who are ‘Brilliant Jerks’. Netflix do not. It’s all about getting on with your team.
  • Page 70 – “There is no clothing policy at Netflix, but no one comes to work naked.”
  • Page 103 – Explains why Netflix always pay top of the market.



In 2012, Hubspot moved their internal culture code into the public eye via Slideshare. The Hubspot document outlines how Hubspot is and intends to continue creating a company that they are proud of.


  • Page 8 – “Whether planned or not, all companies have a culture – why not create a culture we love?”
  • Page 77 – GSD is important for Hubspot.
  • Page 91 – Fantastic explanation about how you should hire.
  • Page 121 – It’s nice to see that Hubspot have targeted everything they need to work on, as well as the positive stuff.



Buffer’s company culture Slideshare is shorter than the previous two, but effective nonetheless. Buffer set out their Top 10 Buffer Values and have a slide for each value.


  • Page 6 – Positivity is definitely the key to success and happiness.
  •  Page 7 – Honesty is a recurring theme running through all of these company culture decks.
  • Page 9 – ‘You are humble’.
  • Page 10 – Listen rather than preach.

If you’ve seen any other great examples of company culture, don’t forget to share them in the comments!