12 College Experiences Every Resume Needs

Once you leave college, you’ll be looking for a job. You need to prepare for working life whilst at college. 66% of hiring managers believe college graduates are not prepared for the workplace after leaving college, so how can you change that?

Which experience should you carry out to make sure you can add them to your resume when the time comes? This infographic from Boundless can help you!


  1. Why not join a club in your freshman year? You’ll meet people and it could be related to your major!
  2. Have you tried studying in a new place, where you’ll obviously have to learn a new language? A great skill to have!
  3. Hiring managers dig someone who has had experience of leadership – try and work your way up that club.
  4. Build a digital portfolio that you can show to future recruiters and hiring managers.
  5. Bring in guest speakers to your club and get your name out there!

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