How to Use as Your Online CV

Notice how many resumes we have to keep on our computer, and how we need to update every single file whenever we start looking for a new job? Of course, we shouldn’t really be complaining because we are the ones looking for a job, but what if we have a really good opportunity, and we need to respond within five minutes? Wouldn’t it be great to have an online resource that we could refer to so all employers would see everything that we’re up to? That is exactly what is for. is a social network that tells people all about a subject that you’re an expert of yourself. After signing up simply via Facebook or Twitter (it’s free!), you’re able to control every single aspect of your page so it can show every part of your personality: the background color, the font, the picture (or pictures – if you want to personalize the background too) – everything can be changed to reflect your personality. Here are some of the advantages you can get from using this site:

Create a personal profile for all job types:

Sometimes we get confused about which facts to place in a resume when we are applying for a job. This results in us leaving out information that we might deem unimportant but would actually be pertinent in the eyes of the employer.  When you create a generic profile, you are telling your employer that you are an open book and that they can check on your background as much as they want. Of course, it would help to segregate your experiences into different fields just so that prospective employers would not have to look through everything just to get what they need.

Look professional with your own website:

Although is a free website, it does allow you to create a name that would make the site extremely personal.  Not only does your name become personal, but so does the site itself.  You can upload your own backdrop as well as your profile picture. You will also have an easy time adding all the information that you would want to share, including links to other websites and social networks.  Categorizing these will also not be a problem, since will give you all the tools you need to create your own website.  There will be no need to learn any type of code.

Use the site for business purposes:

Job hunting is not the only reason why you would want to use this website.  The very same site could be used to promote a business that you might be running on-line. Some might think that having a business would ruin your chances of getting hired, but that once again is not something that is definite.  Some employers appreciate the fact that you are able to run a business, and would keep an eye on your capabilities in running a small team and then get you for bigger things.  Of course, the interview will still play a role in your moving up, but your decision-making skills will also have something to do with your career.


Just like everything else, the use of this site will need to come with a word of caution.  First of all, whatever you post on your profile will be seen by anyone who stumbles onto it, whether intentionally or by accident.  This is because the site is designed for job hunters, and job hunters need to have their profiles available to everyone.  Secondly, be careful what you link to this site because these will also be seen by whoever accesses your profile.  You would not want to give your future employer access to some crazy pictures reserved for friends only.

As long as you are careful, you will be able to use this site successfully, and that would mean that you would be able to land the job that you have been wanting for so long.

By Arthur Habrial

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.