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Who Are the Most Annoying People on Social Media?

I always like reading blogs and articles with titles like “Top Ten Annoying Social Media Habits”. They’re always accurate, and even though the habits are universally annoying, there are always so many violators. Many of the articles touch on the same subjects – we’re ALL annoyed with inappropriate LinkedIn photos, over-posting, too many hashtags, begging for likes and retweets, etc. So I thought I’d add my two cents and bring a few social media personality types to light that may not be quite as common as those mentioned above, but are every bit as annoying!

Lyric Posters:

These are people who have nothing of any real value to post, so they post song lyrics to a popular song. Inevitably, someone else responds by posting the next few lyrics, then someone else with the next few, and so on until they have nine or ten comments of song lyrics everyone knows, but no one really cares to read. I’m not sure what the poster gets out of this, other than the satisfaction that others see their post and feel the need to add to it. When you need to remind people you’re still active on social media but have absolutely nothing to say, lyrics are always a good fallback.

Number Grubbers:

These are the folks who are active on social media for one reason only – numbers. The more friends and followers they have, the happier they are. They live and die by their Klout score. It doesn’t matter that they don’t know 98 percent of their connections. It only matters that they have a network of thousands and thousands of people. That’s more than YOU have, and that means that they win.

Job Posters:

Ever seen a personal social media profile that contains nothing but job postings? Working in a recruiting department, I certainly understand the importance of posting job openings. But barring social media job sites that are created for this purpose, any personal profile that contains nothing but job after job after job gets old quick. Even job seekers appreciate some variation – helpful job search tips, resume advice, anything that breaks the monotony and shows that you put a few minutes of thought into your social media presence.

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Plain and simple, these Twitter users never have an original thought of their own. They simply retweet other people’s posts. A good Twitter presence should be based on interaction – engaging with other users and retweeting their thoughts, while others retweet yours. Without originators, there would be no retweeters – and one should never be only one and not the other.

Commercial Posters:

We’ve all seen this – increase your Twitter followers! 20,000 followers for only $300! Admittedly, many of these accounts aren’t even real people, but fake accounts set up to generate revenue. Regardless, if I see a solicitation for increasing followers, I can’t hit delete fast enough.


I know, this one has already been covered a thousand time but, in my opinion, it’s worthy of another mention. Unless you’re in middle school, you should have figured out by now that posting selfies is ridiculous. There are only a select few reasons to post a selfie:

  1. You regularly forget what you look like.
  2. You’re a true narcissist who craves constant self-assurance from so-called friends/followers/fans or
  3. You’re looking to attract the wrong kind of attention.

Outside of these three reasons, do us all a favor and keep the selfies to yourself.

So do you fall into any of these categories? How about your friends? Check amongst yourselves! If you’re guilty, no sooner will you change your habits than someone will pinpoint the next batch of annoying social media habits. Until then, let’s try our best not to annoy each other, okay?

By John Feldmann

John Feldmann is a Senior Communications Specialist for Insperity in Houston, TX. With over a decade of marketing and employment branding experience in the recruiting and human resources industries, John specializes in employment- and HR-related content development for a variety of media types in order to communicate Insperity's brand to both business professionals and job seekers. Follow John on X @John_Feldmann.